Labradorite Tumbled Crystal (2 Pcs)

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Are you looking to expand your intuition or to awaken your magickal abilities? In that case, Labradorite is the stone for you. Known as the Stone of Magic, when you carry or wear Labradorite it allows your inner magickal energies to come on the surface. It raises the intuitive and mental abilities of clairvoyance, prophecy, telepathy, and synchronicities. It creates a protective force all over the aura and strengthens its natural power. It shields the wearer from the misfortunes and negativity of the world. It offers a safe exploration into the alternate levels of consciousness. It facilitates astral travel to the future or the past. Whether you are a baby witch or an experienced practitioner Labradorite should be part of your magickal repertoire.

This listing includes two tumbled Labradorite stones. We recommend that one is kept with you all the time, in your pocket or bra, and the other should be kept in your pillow to help with psychic dreams and astral travel.

• Tumbled stones will be around 0.8" - 1.5" at the widest point.

 Our crystals are handpicked with love and intention. Each order packaged and sent to you with love and positive energy.

 Metaphysical Properties:

*Stone of Magic
*Transforms Ordinary to Extraordinary
*Crystal of Shamans and Healers
*Travelers and Seekers of Universal Knowledge and Guidance
*Safe Exploration in Astral Travel and Alternate Levels of Consciousness
*Penetrates the Veils of the Void
*Facilitates Visionary Experiences of the Past and Future
*Awakens Awareness of Inner Spirit
*Intuition and Psychic Abilities
*Innate Magical Abilities
*Telepathy, Prophecy, Communication with Guides, Spirits and Accessing Akashic Records
*Grounds You to the Present After Moving Between Worlds
*Tempers Our Shadow Attributes
*Releases Excessive and Bad Habits or Patterns
*Calms Overactive Mind
*Energizes the Imagination
*Inspires New Ideas, Spontaneity, Adventure and Change
*Relieves Emotional Drain from Daily Routine or Responsibility
*Brings Forgotten Memories to Light for Understanding
*Contemplation and Introspection
*Clarifying Intellectual Thought and Intuition to Dispel Illusion to Determine Root Cause of an Issue
*Prevents Energy Leakage
*Activates Third Eye ChakraTumbled stones properties:

Tumble Stones are created by tumble polishing rough crystal pebbles, resulting in a beautiful polish and a soft, tactile shape. This also reveals the natural colors and patterns of the crystal, perfect for display. Tumble Stones are very versatile and can be used for crystal healing, meditation, laid on the skin or simply held in your hand. Their energies are more subtle than that of rough stones.

How to cleanse and charge your crystals:

Crystals hold the energetic charge of anyone and anything they've ever come in contact with. For this reason, they need to be cleaned. Furthermore, the more you spend time respecting your crystals and cleansing them, the more useful they will be to you. They will gradually become more in tune with your energy and serve you better for it. The most important thing to remember is to keep your focus and intention clear: you are doing this ritual to cleanse the crystals energetic charge so that you can charge it yourself.

We recommend that whenever a new crystal enters your life, you first bury it in the earth. Bury your crystals in the sand, garden soil, natural loam, or clay. It is preferable to bury your crystals in the Earth, so they can absorb from the Earth's resonance but this method is slow and gentle. If you don’t have access to the outside ground then a pot of earth or compost indoors with a house plant in it with have a living resonance. The duration can range from 1 day to several days, from full moon to full moon is best. Obviously the longer the crystal is buried, the deeper the cleansing.

After the first cleanse the crystals will need to be recleansed and charged periodically. Soaking in saltwater or leaving them out in the rain are great cleaning methods. The power of clean rainwater can wash negativity out of your stones and salt has powerful banishing properties. Use your intuition for how long they should be left out. Twelve hours is a good default. Letting them soak in river water is also effective; just be careful not to lose them!

Leaving the crystals in sunlight will recharge their energies. Some crystals may fade via this method. However, 6-12 hours in the sun not only clears out any negative energy it might have picked up but also recharges it with positive energy. Besides charging with sunlight, you can also charge stones by the light of the full moon. In this case, it may take more than 6-12 hours to recharge. With this method, again it is important to listen to your intuition. Moonlight is more effective when used only for charging in congruence with saltwater soaking for cleaning.

How to Program Crystals:

Programming a crystal with an intention gives your crystal its "job", it allows your crystal to work for you in the way you want it to.

To do this, hold the crystal in your hand and quiet your mind. Dedicate its energies and your intentions to the highest good, and then state your goals, desires, and intentions clearly and specifically so that your crystals will know exactly what to do for you!

When you program your crystal, you’re sharing your thoughts and emotions about anything that you need help with.

It gives your crystals a laser-like focus that will support you whenever, wherever, and however they can.


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Labradorite Tumbled Crystal (2 Pcs)


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