Cast Iron Keys

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Keys have a lot of uses in spiritual workings and spells. Keys are used as protection talismans when hung above a doorway, they remove blocks, open roads and are used to call upon spirits. Use these keys in your workings for money, love, luck, court/legal matters, health and healing. Keys are used for opening doors or lock them, in matters of health, opportunities, divination or love. In magickal practices the symbolism of a skeleton key exists in its ability to open all doors, allowing passage into those places that exist behind locked barriers. This is in reference, of course, to liminal spaces, and the spiritual realms of the unseen.

Keys represent knowledge and access. And it’s important to note that they can both open doors and LOCK doors. Possessing a key is both about gaining access and setting boundaries.

Associated with Hecate, keys are used to make Witches Ladders.


For divination, the passageway ‘in’.

The holder of the key is allowed access to all that is unseen

A symbol for sealed or locked away secrets – an anchor in an obscuration spell

An initiatory tool held by the one that has gained access into specific spaces on the other side

A talisman in a protection spell

The amulet of the Traveler

Can be hung at doorways of your home for protection

Removing blocks

Opening roads

Calling spirits


Sacred Key, Sacred Key,

I charge you with the task

of unlocking the path of mystery.

Grant me pass, let me in

Make available the secrets

that exist within.

When doing any type of charing work/chant, chant it for as long as you feel the need. Other Witches rely on the power of 3×3 but you should do as you feel. The more you rely on your intuitive gut, the more effective you become as a Witch and navigating the unseen.

These keys are rusty (handle with care) and measure approximately 3-4 inches long.

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